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White Paper: Breach Attack Simulations (BAS) in OT Environments


Breach and attack simulation (IT BAS) is a relatively new technology that automatically spots vulnerabilities in organizations’ cyber defenses. It has two major downsides: it is highly intrusive tool, as it uses active IP and Port scanning as well as active exploitation tools and benign malware, and it has no means to prioritize the findings and advise what needs to be fixed first.

Radiflow proposed approach to BAS includes the ability to simulate “What-If” scenarios based on zone impact and threat likelihood to enable prioritizing mitigation measures. To facilitate this capability Radiflow’s OT-BAS simulations utilize a complete “digital image” of the production environment that encompasses vulnerabilities in assets, protocols, and network topology.

Radiflow’s CIARA platform offers Automated, Continuous, Consistent risk monitoring and reporting, utilizing, in addition to BAS, also OT digital network image, vulnerability mapping, threat adversary advanced persistent threat (APT), risk gap analysis, and compliance gap analysis and reporting.

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Radiflow CIARA uses a thousands of data points for threat intelligence, network charactaristics and networked device vulnerabilities to simulate breach and attack attempts, toward prioritizing the most efficient mitigation measures for reducing network risk.