Substation Event Reporting

OT Event Collection for Substations

Energy companies have recently become a prime target for cyber-attacks by a variety of hostile organizations and governments. In order to assure the safety and reliability of their operation, new cyber-security measures need to be implemented. Utility companies use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools to protect their IT networks. The SIEM receives events from devices across the network using the Syslog standard, then analyzes and displays them for the purpose detecting violations. Following the success of SIEM tools in protecting IT networks, utilities are considering the expansion of their scope to also protecting their operational technology (OT) assets. However, SIEM tools are not suitable for protecting OT networks, since not all OT devices are able to send Syslog events. Such devices include:

  • IP devices that send events in another format rather than Syslog (e.g. HTTP, SNMP)
  • IP devices that generate an internal events table that needs to be polled
  • Serial devices that are unable to send events over IP
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Another problem is reliability: Syslog messaging uses UDP, which does not provide verification upon message reception. Thus, in case the link from the remote site to the SIEM becomes unstable, some events may be lost, causing inconsistencies in the SIEM presentation. To meet both challenges, the Radiflow 3180 is deployed as an event collector at remote sites, which allows it to receive events directly from the local OT devices. The 3180 receives events in multiple formats (Syslog, SNMP, HTTP) and even polls event tables from IP and Serial devices. The 3180 converts all the events received to Syslog format, appends them with supporting fields (e.g. location, source sub-system, severity) and forwards the events to the central SIEM. The additional information simplifies the processing of the events in the SIEM tool, resulting in higher scalability. Furthermore, the 3180 can implement several resiliency functions on the link to the central SIEM:

  • Use of Syslog over TCP with re-transmits, instead of UDP
  • Redundant links (e.g. cellular as a backup to the main landline link)
  • Duplication of data, allowing the use of multiple SIEM tools
  • Local event storage for audits
  • Encrypted tunnel to the SIEM