Request a Demo of the Radiflow-Palo Alto Cortex Joint Solution

iSID-PA is Radiflow’s industrial threat detection app for the Palo Alto Networks’ Cortex Framework.

The Cortex Framework enables organizations to quickly deploy new security capabilities without needing to provision additional hardware or software. 

It also offers a suite of APIs developers can use to connect innovative apps with rich data, threat intelligence and enforcement points. Organizations gain immediate security value from apps developed by
an open ecosystem of trusted innovators.

The iSID-Cortex integration provides Cortex user with a host of new capabilities, including:

  • Auto-mapping of all OT assets, including their detailed inventory parameters.
  • Enrichment of Palo Alto Firewall’s detection rules with detection information from iSID (e.g. newly detected assets, vulnerability data)
  • Alerts on known vulnerabilities in deployed PLCs as well as attempts to use known exploits of IT and OT devices.
  • DPI analysis of all sessions detecting deviations from predefined operational policies.
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