Remote Maintenance

Secure Remote maintenance over Cellular

Many companies have a wide deployment of equipment from various vendors in remote sites. In case of maintenance such as failure handling or firmware upgrade, remote access to such devices is very useful.

The remote maintenance allows fast response and lower operational costs but also exposes the remote devices to cyber-attacks. When the technician gains remote access to the site he has unlimited and uncontrolled access to all the devices at that site.

RADiFlow 1031 gateway for remote sites allows secure maintenance access with a restricted access per technician.

SCADA Solutions for remote maintenance operations

The Radiflow 1031 secure gateway is optimized for providing access to remote sites:

  • Integrated Dual cellular modem which enables redundant connectivity
  • IPsec VPN over cellular isolating the technician session from the public network
  • Identity management with detailed authorizations per user and per device
  • Detailed log of user activities for auditing
  • Supports local interfaces of Ethernet, Serial and Dry contacts to maximize the remote maintenance options
  • Designed for installation in harsh environmental conditions

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