Radiflow for Manufacturing

Securing the Transition to Industry 4.0

The transition to “Industry 4.0”—the digitization of production, logistics and marketing systems—offers tremendous advantages throughout the production and sales process.

The downside of the Smart Factory trend is exposure to cyber threats. And though awareness has been developing steadily, many manufacturers still invest in security solutions designed for IT networks, even though such systems aren’t able to adequately protect their production processes.

Adequate protection requires an ICS-dedicated, multi-prong approach which includes full visibility into the OT network; identification of threats; real-time monitoring of anomalies and OT-aware firewalls for zone segregation.

Radiflow’s 3-tier cybersecurity solution, centered around the iSID Industrial Threat Detection and Monitoring system, provides threat and vulnerability detection for distributed ICS networks, as well as system-wide visibility of assets and a host of risk analysis and mitigation tools.


OT-Dedicated Security

Prevent disruption to operations with detection and alerting for all known industrial malware

Complete Network Visibility

Map-based visual network model with drill-down to individual assets’ properties

iSAP Smart Collectors

iSAP Smart Collectors enable sending network data to central iSID without overloading the network

iCEN Central Monitoring

Monitor and access multiple iSID instances from single interface, at HQ or MSSP SOC

Ongoing Risk Analytics

iRISK provides business-driven risk scoring and insights for optimization of mitigation measures

Secure APA-Equipped Gateways

Monitoring and alerting for firmware changes, as well as configuration or critical command changes.

Compliance Enabler

Radiflow enables compliance with all int’l standards/regulations, including IEC 62443, NERC CIP & NIS-D

Ecosystem with both IT & OT tools

Multiple 3rd-party integrated systems provide additional features for monitoring IT and OT networks

Assessment Service

iRISK’s vulnerability and risk assessment service provides insights for optimal risk mitigation measures

Dedicated, comprehensive solution

Radiflow’s solution suite for OT networks provides multi-layered cyber-protection, adaptable to the topology and operational characteristics of each user:

  • The iSID Industrial Threat Detection system is a server-based software that analyzes all OT network traffic (via mirrored stream) to generate a visual topology model, which serves as a baseline for detecting exceptions on the network. iSID’s multiple detection engines for distinct threat vectors and operational aspects ensure protection against all types of threats. 
  • The iSAP Smart Probe is a cost effective solution that enables collection of data from sub-networks to a central iSID server making it ideal for large chemical facilities with multiple primary DCS networks and secondary SCADA/PLC networks. iSAP enables sending data traffic to a central iSID without taxing the network, thanks to Radiflow’s advanced industrial compression algorithms.
  • The iCEN Central Management System for multiple instances of iSID provides remote monitoring and access to any network and networked asset, from the corporate HQ or MSSP’s SOC.  
  • Radiflow’s Ruggedized Secure Gateway provides DPI-firewalled access to production processes, with configurable access rights for different stakeholders. The Gateways’ authentication proxy authenticates each user and restricts the user’s access based on role or predefined tasks.

Sample Implementation