iCEN – Central Monitoring for iSID

Central monitoring and management platform for iSID in distributed network or MSSP settings


iCEN simplifies and streamlines the monitoring and management of multiple instances of Radiflow’s iSID Industrial Threat Detection Systems.

iCEN is part of cyber-protection ecosystem which includes, alongside iSID, also the iSAP Smart Collector. This unique ecosystem allows large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy OT network visibility and threat detection capabilities.

Designed for large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), iCEN provides a unified view of sites’ risk scores, OT assets, iSID status, alerts and maintenance, all through an user-friendly web-based interface.


Central monitoring for iSID

iCEN provides central monitoring and management for multiple instances of iSID 

Unified view

iCEN’s web-based interface displays multiple sites’ risk score, OT assets, iSID status, alerts and maintenance status.

In-house or mssp

iCEN was designed to meet the needs of large enterprises as well as Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Centralized iSID management

Centralized view of all monitored facilities worldwide

iCEN displays a status snapshot of all iSID instances across the organization, including their total risk and activity status, with easy drill-down and remote connection to each iSID instance.

Users are able to switch between geographical map and tabular display modes, both featuring color-coding for quick cross-site prioritization. In addition, iCEN provides a quick summary status, detailed properties and health monitoring status (CPU, RAM) for each monitored instance of iSID.

MSSP users are able to create and configure different organizations operating multiple instances of iSID, on a single iCEN system, creating a single monitoring and management system for all of their Radiflow-protected customers.

Consolidated view of cyber-risk information

iCEN displays aggregated data from all iSID instances in an organization, including:

  • Total assets according to asset type
  • Total alerts according to severity and alert engine
  • Top network protocols

In addition, iCEN provides the Risk Score for each site, for easy prioritization of mitigation activities.

Centralized provisioning

iCEN enables single-click central provisioning of up-to-date cyber-attack detection signatures to multiple iSID instances, for improved response time and detection of new threats organization-wide. 

Designed around the true needs of  OT-based organizations

User management and role-based access control

iCEN features Local and remote (using Active Directory) user management capabilities, with support for different user roles and permissions.

MSSPs monitoring multiple organizations’ networks are able to grant permissions to iCEN operators, by organization, based on the Least Privilege principle for data security.

Secure connection

All connectivity to and from iCEN is secured is secured and encrypted. If
needed, iCEN supports a one-way iSID-to iCEN connection to ensure the isolation of OT environment from external threats.

Simple installation

iCEN is installed using the Radiflow Installation Manager (RIM) – a single
installer for all Radiflow products.

RIM not only simplifies the installation process, it also provides the ability to install/upload iCEN from a client computer to the dedicated iCEN server.


Large, distributed utilities with local iSID at substations

OT-MSSP managing multiple manufacturing facilities with iSID on-site