The Radiflow SCADA Security Portfolio

Radiflow offers a comprehensive cyber-security solution for critical infrastructures including Power, Oil & Gas, Water and Transportation.

Our solution is composed of several security components that identify network threats, isolate malicious activities and prevent threats from spreading across the network. These tools handle both M2M and H2M (Human to Machine) traffic sessions, each with a dedicated set of features.

Radiflow’s portfolio includes in-line secure gateways for remote sites, as well as the Intrusion Detection System (IDS), a central network-monitoring tool.

The IDS is a non-intrusive software tool that analyzes the OT network traffic using six detection engines: Network Visibility, Maintenance Management, Signature-based Detection, Virtual Firewall, Anomaly Detection and Measuring Operational Behavior.

The Secure Gateways are equipped to protect automation devices in remote distributed sites with features such as Application Proxy Authentication, SCADA DPI firewall and encrypted VPN tunnels. The Secure Gateways are based on ruggedized communication platforms in a variety of form factors.

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