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While the scenario of a massive, crippling cyber-attack has gained public awareness, cyber-threats to smaller, non-critical Industrial Automation Facilities (IIoT/ICS/SCADA), such as manufacturing facilities and office buildings, are as prevalent—if not more so.

As a result, many industrial automation operators who lack the resources and expertise to set up a comprehensive, OT-dedicated cyber-security system in-house are increasingly turning to OT-MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) for cloud-based cyber-monitoring of their OT networks.

If you’re already an MSSP operating in the IT space, or an engineering automation service provider looking to offer security services, we invite you to become a Radiflow OT-MSSP Partner. We will provide you with all the support, information and tools you need, including a free three-month trial period per new end-user.

Most importantly, we commit to guiding you step-by-step through the process of becoming an OT-MSSP Partner.

Radiflow provides its OT-MSSP partners with the skills, tools and processes they need to monitor, protect and optimize their end-users’ OT networks.

How Does it Work?

Radiflow’s MSSP Partner offering utilizes the iSID Industrial Threat Detection System, installed on the MSSP’s cloud servers.

The process begins with a self-learning period, during which iSID detects all OT network vulnerabilities and creates a network topology model of all devices, connections and ports. The model is based on analysis of all data traffic collected by Radiflow’s iSAP smart collectors installed at each production facility. 

Once a baseline OT network activity model is established, the MSSP is able to begin ongoing network monitoring, which includes detection of breach attempts and applying security upgrades on newly-detected vulnerabilities and threats to those specific devices. 

What’s more, Radiflow’s CIA-based Advanced Risk Assessment engine and Attack Vector Simulation model enable the MSSP to provide recommendations for reducing vulnerabilities, ensuring network resilience in case of a cyber-attack, as well as optimizing the end-user’s ROI on security expenditure.

End-users who prefer operating an on-premise instance of iSID have the option of granting the MSSP one-way secure web access for monitoring iSID.

We Provide Everything You Need to Go To Market

As an OT-MSSP you will assume multiple tasks: monitoring the end-user’s network and networked assets, providing status reports, detecting active and upcoming threats, provisioning software updates and patches, optimizing the end-user’s cybersecurity expenditure, and most importantly, preparing the end-user for the eventuality of a cyber attack.

Radiflow’s OT-MSSP offering provides everything you need to meet your end users’ current and future needs, and allows you to acquire, connect and secure customers quickly and easily.

Sample reports generated by Radiflow iSID

Choose the Best Plan for Your Customers

Radiflow’s MSSP offering is offered in two levels: Silver and Gold.

To help you attract new end-users, Radiflow will provide a free three-month Silver trial period per end-user. The trial period is intended to defray part of the CAPEX cost, and enables the MSSP to offer trial periods to end-users.

To further assist our partner MSSPs, our pricing model provides full cost elasticity: If the number of monitored IP addresses changes, the monthly charge will be adjusted accordingly.

In addition, Radiflow will offer MSSPs a progressive pricing scheme (cost per monitored IP address is reduced as volume grows.) Actual cost is based on system report logs extracted by the MSSP from iSID and sent to Radiflow.

See enclosed documentation for plan specifics. 

Bundle Silver Gold Advanced Services


  • Threat detection and monitoring
  • Cyber Reports
  • Support & maintenance, under the MSSP license

All of the features included in the Silver bundle, plus:

  • Risk Scoring
  • Feed-based threat intelligence
  • Advanced Alerts
  • Option to purchase advanced services
  • Cyber Incident handling support
  • Asset Management
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Client Portal
  • Threat Intelligence – priority information requests
  • Expert Consultancy on translating cyber-alerts into SOPs (Standard Operational procedure) for incidence response
Pricing Based on number of MSSP clients Purchased individually (per service)


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