Yanai to incorporate multiple Radiflow solutions in its managed SOC, to monitor customers’ remote network traffic, and detect anomalies and cyber-attacks

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TEL AVIV, Israel, November 13, 2017: YANAI, Ltd. and Radiflow, Ltd, have today announced their new strategic collaboration to integrate multiple Radiflow solutions within YANAI’s SCADA Security Operations Center, designed for critical ICS deployments.

The SOC consists of multiple protection layers, for PLCs/networked devices, end-point engineering equipment, and data communications. This structure distances the protection packages from customers’ networks to prevent attackers’ ability to gain immunity from the protection system, while providing network monitoring, complete network visibility, analysis of suspicious data, detection of breach attempts into operational circuits, and management of attack events.

The Radiflow services and products included in the SOC are:

  • iSEC: the iSEC ICS Security Assessment provides network mapping of all assets and connections, detection of anomalies and vulnerabilities, and a comprehensive report and mitigation plan for detected risks.
  • iSID: Radiflow’s Industrial Intrusion Detection System (IDS) delivers ongoing asset visibility, DPI policy monitoring for rule-based remote access management, signature-based protection, continuous anomaly monitoring and alert reporting.
  • iSAP: Smart Probes at multiple remote sites securely relay data traffic information to a central iSID at the SOC. Using smart filtering and compression, iSAP probes enable efficient and secure data traffic transfer.

“Our managed SOC allows infrastructures to incorporate multi-level network security into their operations, saving the need to set-up their own security center,” said Emanuel Marynko, chairman of YANAI. Yishai Shafran, Yanai’s Head of the SCADA Cybersecurity Division, added, “Our users demand the most advanced, non-disruptive protection systems. Radiflow was the natural choice.”

Ilan Barda, CEO of Radiflow, added, “The situation is that ICS operators, regardless of size or scope, need to have complete visibility into their networks, and reliable tools to prevent network penetration and to ensure OT resilience in the event of a breach.”

About Radiflow, Ltd.

Radiflow is a leading provider of dedicated cyber security solutions for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) which empowers Industrial IoT automation systems operators to maintain visibility and control of their operational networks in a secure way. https://radiflow.com

About YANAI, Ltd.

Founded in 1956, Yanai is a leading Israeli electrical engineering company with thousands of projects in electricity infrastructure, manufacturing, power plants and more. YANAI’s SCADA Cybersecurity Division provides multi-layer security services for infrastructures. http://yanai-eng.co.il/