iSEG RF-3180 Secure Gateway

General Description

3180 productThe iSEG RF-3180 Secure Gateway is a ruggedized, compact, secure switch/router with a base configuration of 2×100/1000 SFPs and 8×10/100 BaseT PoE ports and a variety of additional optional interfaces including 8×10/100 Base-T Ports, 8x100FX SFP Ports, 4xRS-232 Ports and a cellular modem.

Furthermore it supports a wide range of power inputs – 24/48/110/220 VDC, and 110/220 VAC.

As such it is ideally suited to operate in small, harsh environments cabinets found in remote utility sites according to the IEEE1613 and EN50121-4 standards.

Addressing the increasing risks of cyber attacks, the iSEG RF-3180 supports IPSec VPN tunnels and includes a firewall with service-aware inspection of SCADA protocols.

The iSEG RF-3180 advanced feature-set integrated in a compact platform makes it an ideal platform for deploying a Secure gateway for remote utility sites with critical utility infrastructures applications such as smart-grid and intelligent transportation.

Key Features

(for full specification, please download datasheet) 

SECURITY Distributed DPI Firewall

  • Profile-based firewall
  • Security rules planning per service group
  • Modes: Monitoring, Enforcement, Learning
  • IEC 101 DPI Firewall; IEC 104 DPI Firewall
  • Modbus RTU DPI Firewall, TCP Firewall
  • DNP3 RTU Firewall, TCP Firewall
  • S7 RTU Firewall, TCP Firewall


  • IPsec Certificates X.509
  • IPsec Dynamic Key Exchange
  • IPsec encryption AES, 3DES
  • L3 IPsec VPN: policy based, route based
  • L3 mGRE DM-VPN
  • L2 VPN GRE

Access control

  • Port access filter per MAC/IP addresses
  • Enable/Disable port
  • IEEE 802.1x port-based authentication
  • Local APA (Authentication Proxy Access)
  • User activity report (under local APA)
  • Access Lists L2, L3, L4
  • NAT – traversal


  • RS-232 Console Port
  • Local USB Port for Emergency Boot
  • Discrete outputs for reporting system alarms Failsafe output relay for reporting critical alarms


  • 2 x 100/1000 SFP ports
  • 8 x 10/100 Base-T ports POE+
  • 8 x 10/100 Base-T Ports (optional)
  • 8 x 100FX SFP Ports (optional)
  • 4 x RS-232 Ports (optional)
  • Cellular Modem (optional)


  • Mounting: DIN rail (optional wall mount)
  • Enclosure: Rugged – IP 30 rated, no fans
  • Weight: 1.4Kg (DC), 1.8Kg (AC)
  • Dimensions: (mm) 148h x 72w x 123d
  • Operating temperature: -40oC to 75oC
  • Storage temperature: -40oC to 85oC
  • Operating Humidity: 5%-90%
  • IEEE1613 EMI – Electric Utility Substations
  • EN50121-4 – Vibration and Shock resistance
  • lEC 61000-4


  • 15W without PoE; 135W with POV


  • 12 -12V DC (range: 9-18v DC)
  • 24 – 24V DC (range: 18-32v DC)
  • 48 – 48V DC (range: 36-60v DC)
  • HD – 125V DC (range : 85-165v DC)
  • 110-230V AC (range: 90-250v AC)
  • WDC – Wide DC range (range: 18-60v DC)


  • Console serial port
  • Remote CLI access using SSH tunnel
  • Backup/Restore running config
  • Conditioned/scheduled system reboot
  • Remote management and upgrade
  • TFTP/SFTP Client
  • Safe Mode
  • Syslog
  • SNMPv1/v2C/v3
  • iSIM Network Management System

NETWORKING Advanced Layer 2 feature-set

  • ITU-T G.8032v2 Ethernet ring
  • IEEE 802.1s MSTP
  • IEEE 802.1w RSTP, enhanced RSTP
  • IEEE 802.3ad LAG with LACP
  • IEEE 802.1q VLAN segregation
  • IEEE 802.1p per-port queues
  • DHCP Client, Server and Relay
  • QOS Prioritization, Shaping, Scheduling
  • OAM EFM IEEE 802.3ah
  • OAM CFM ITU-T Y.1731/IEEE 802.1ag

Layer 3 feature-set

  • Static routing; OSPF, RIPv2 Routing
  • VRRP redundancy scheme


  • Transparent tunneling of serial streams
  • SCADA gateway for IEC101/104, ModBus
  • RTU/TCP and DNP3
  • Terminal Server Byte/Frame mode; TCP/UDP

Cellular Modem

  • Cellular 2G/3G/4G/LTE modem with 2 x SIM cards

System Performance

  • Line rate L2/L3 switching throughput
  • Switching latency < 10?Sec
  • 16K MAC addresses; 4K VLANs


  • L2 Multicast
  • IGMP snooping for traffic optimization

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