iSEC - Security Assessment for ICS Deployments


iSEC Security Assessment for Industrial Control Systems

Devising a cyber-protection plan for an ICS organization is extremely challenging, due to increased threats and compliance requirements. An effective solution calls for an initial security assessment, which we have successfully conducted for many satisfied customers.

Now you can assess your ICS network for threats to industrial applications and points of vulnerability and gain extensive visibility, using Radiflow’s products and expertise, with no disruption to operational processes. Our provided mitigation plan will guide you to a secure OT network.

Radiflow’s ICS Security assessment will detect all known threats and vulnerabilities, including:

  • SCADA-specific threats, such as Black Energy malware
  • Logical changes in PLCs
  • Malware spreading across PLCs
  • Open remote SSH sessions
  • Alert on known CVEs per PLC firmware version

The iSEC ICS Security Assessment leverages the strengths of iSID, Radiflow’s advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS). By self-learning the OT network’s structure and behavioral patterns and creating a baseline activity model, iSID provides the operator:

  • Full network visibility, and highlighting of new entities
  • Central maintenance management and auditing
  • Signature-based detection of known attacks, PLC vulnerabilities and known protocol vulnerabilities
  • Detection of abnormal activity in comparison with the normal baseline
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Here’s how it works:

Preparation: in-person meeting with key stakeholders from your firm to review network structure and components, delineate known problems, and define a data-collection project plan, custom-tailored to your network and operations.

Analysis: a  network traffic sample is recorded (passive & non-intrusive). The data is analyzed by an expert team and used as the network activity baseline, and to detect vulnerabilities and possible attack vectors.

Report: You will receive an extensive report of the vulnerabilities, risks and threats found in your system, as well as a detailed mitigation plan, including actions for eliminating the problems found and increasing cyber protection.

Your Custom ICS Cyber-Threat Assessment Report

At the end of the iSEC Security Assessment the operator will receive a detailed threat and vulnerability report, which includes both a full current network status report and a security vulnerability review.

Here are just a few of the many parameters and measurements included in the iSEC report:

Number of Devices by Threat Severity

High-level network summary report; Network activity and top cyber-attacks

Actual network diagram, generated by Radiflow’s iSID as part of the ICS security assessment, displaying network nodes, communication channels, network and process redundancies, protocols and relation to physical processes.