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View recorded expert panel: Optimizing OT cybersecurity through IEC62443 risk assessment & management, featuring Forrester & Siemens

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Understanding OT network risk is a key factor in devising an effective risk mitigation plan for critical infrastructures and industrial operations. However, the complexity and the scale of modern ICS networks make risk evaluation by traditional risk assessment procedures practically impossible. You simply can no longer “eyeball” risk. An accurate network risk assessment needs to take into account both the real-world impact and the likelihood of a cyber-attack, based on a variety of sources for modelling network vulnerabilities, defenses, possible attackers and attack methods.

The Expert Panel, chaired by Will Garside, consisted of acclaimed experts from Radiflow and guests Forrester and Siemens, covered:

  • The fundamentals of risk management
  • Available assessment tools
  • Standards and regulations including IEC 62443 and the NIS Directive