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Who Moved My Firmware?

By Tsur Segal, VP Strategic Sales, Radiflow LTD Each and every component in an ICS (Industrial Control System) utilizes firmware, faulty firmware maintenance may result in critical cyber-risk. Here we discuss the topic and offer a number of simple, yet effective...

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How Dangerous is my ICS Vulnerability? Depends Who You Ask

What to do when ICS-CERT and NIST produce contradictory vulnerability analyses  Synopsis  Vulnerability disclosure organizations are considered to be the most important and reliable source of actionable information for vulnerability and risk assessment, including...

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Seeing is Believing: Live Demonstration of OT Cyber Attacks

By Gilad Bandel, VP Products, Radiflow Real-life live demonstrations of cyber-attacks scenarios are the best way to educate and create awareness of the potential risks and damages to ICS/SCADA systems, using various attack vectors. Such a demonstration was held at the...

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The headache caused by protecting unmanned distributed sites

In recent years, the awareness for securing industrial control systems (ICS) has greatly increased. Since around 2014, many companies have started implementing cyber security solutions to protect their ICS networks from potential cyber incidents. In most companies,...

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