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Download the Whitepaper “Anatomy of SCADA Risk: Leveraging Lifesaving Epidemic Models for a Novel Evaluation of SCADA/ICS Risks”

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  • How does a virus propagate within a real network?
  • What is the single best node to immunize?
  • Which connections are best removed from the network?

While these questions seem to have been taken from a computer network domain, they are in fact questions that have been researched for several decades for the sole purpose of eliminating biological viruses.

In this whitepaper, we investigate these types of models and reveal how ideas derived from biological epidemic models can be replicated in a SCADA/ICS cybersecurity environment. We present an epidemic-based mathematical definition for SCADA/ICS network vulnerability and we show how this epidemic model can be used to prioritize security mitigations within a SCADA/ICS network.